What is PayPal ? Why PayPal is testing new features? Jane Shared

“PayPal is testing new features in related to app designs and more productivity reports shared by Jane Wong”

What is PayPal ?

  • PayPal is an electronic payment method that provides its users with a digital wallet that they can link either to their bank account or Credit Card
  • If you opt for this payment method at during checkout , you only need to provide your PayPal email address to complete the transaction to buy or send money
  • PayPal secures your financial information and does not display it as you shop
  • Since your card or bank details are already added to PayPal , your payment is literally completed in an instant.
  • PayPal is currently available worldwide for all E-Commerce brands and non-profile organisation asking donations money and buy or shop anything online around the globe.

Steps Hows does it will work ?

if you’re an existing PayPal account Holder , you will’be able to Pay on our sites and apps in by doing few steps.

Why PayPal ?

According to the PayPal team, there are over 7.5 Millions PayPal users in the region , 70% of who are from UAE and KSA . In addition , 50% OF American Express users have PayPal accounts already.

In India, PayPal also used by many you tubers , social site bloggers and web developers work as freelancers .

PayPal Testing in-App Marketing Preferences and Interest-Based Marketing option within the App itself :

According to reports shared by Jane Wong on PayPal ,

PayPal is testing new option In-app Marketing Preferences and Interest-based Marketing option with the app itself. She shared some screenshots by itself to how , where the new options showing

PayPay testing Sync Users contacts to its server options :

PayPal is testing new feature to sync your contact on its server for future related n make its easier to search your contact which are already have an account on PayPal. This option brings easier to make send or receiving money by your loving ones and contact friends.

Screenshot shared by Jane Wong itself

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