Google Play Stores New Features Updates Express : Reports

“We are sharing new features found in Google Play Store by Jane “

Google Play Store is testing so many new features which will be added in upcoming weeks in all supported Android versions 8,9 or 10. We have a new reports on Google Play Stores features in this Article.

Google+ Era cover Photo Layout from the Sidebar in Google Play Store :

Google is now testing new feature to remove its bar that will shows our email or profile pic in the Play Store Layout while sliding through left to right gesture.

Early Reports shared by Jane Wong

Google Play Store is testing new features in adding Permission and Review Section :

Google is testing new feature in adding Permission and Review Section in the Google Play Store installed update , You will see which Apps installed in your device required different Permissions Section . App Reviews Section by different people are also being added in this “Manage your Apps “ Section .

Reports share by Jane Wong :

Google Play Preferences page added in Google Play Store setting :

This option is being added to “how users can opt -out by not sharing any amount of data with Google Services managed by Google Apps in the device. We don’t know that whether this option is only visible in the European Countries or All other countries too . It it’s new GDPR -only option. This new feature “Google Play Preferences”

Early Reports shared by JANE Wong :

Google Play Protect is testing “A shortcut button to manage app installer permission “

This new feature will let you to decide each app to self scan ( like a request to Google whether is harmful or not ” ) for your device.

Video Auto- Playing disable option features testing by Google Play Store setting :

Early reports discovers Google will making changes in the Play Store to make more money though auto-playing ads in the Game or video section . This feature will be controversial all over the Internet blogs. Now , Google will testing feature to “Auto-Play videos ” to stop videos adds automatically .

Early Reports shared by JANE Wong :

Google Play Store is testing “View Details ” for monthly spending budget :

This feature is also good move taken by Google to check “How you will spending your money on Google Play Purchases”

Early reports shared by Jane Wong :


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